Friday, July 4, 2008


8th March 2008 was a date that I embrace with joy and happiness. It has been an emotional roller coster ride for us , where we were downgraded with insults for 10 years. We perserveer and toughen ourselves down the years. 90 days after the so called "Tsunami", not only the BN were going haywire, mind you, so do PKR. This is a story I reckon will be remember for the wrong reason. As much as some UMNO members love their party, so do some Keadilan member love PKR.

In any party, the power to deal with party matters and members is bestowed to the office bearers in their Divisions (Bahagian).It is written in the so called Perlembagaan Parti. What I am going to tell you as a party member of PKR is a true example of "UMNOISM" creeping into PKR. No pun intended, my knowledge of UMNO organisation from my friends was not much dirtier than what I am going to tell u.

The clash between MP of Ampang and PKR Ampang Division.

MP of Ampang, Zuraida Kamaruddin is a by-product of an NGO called WIRDA. You will see why NGO with political platform would become a potent weapon when given power. Be it a weapon of destruction , when wrongly used or weapon of "politik harapan baru", if use properly. WIRDA is Woman Insitute Of Research and Development , backed by some dubious funding and check as you may two of their think tanks was caught under ISA before for JI (Jemaah Islamiah) activities .A year ago, the Ampang Division open the red carpet for one lass named Zuraida Kamaruddin to go under PKR banner to do activities for the benefit of the party. A year ago, she was an angel whose smile knows no boundaries and intention was as pure as baby born into this world. That was what we assumed .Assumed as we may , making an ass out of you and me. Today, she has turn into a marauding invander, practising extremist politics by harassing the local government, MPAJ , staff and ignoring the local PKR Ampang Division existence. Making changes in MPAJ, we fully support but for her own benefits ,we do not condone. Why sudden change of characters? To us some PKR members, after some digging discover that she was not much an angel , so many years ago. She was an ex-UMNO member before, form WIRDA, use the NGO to collect fund for her political funding and became an MP of Ampang. That's nothing wrong with that sequence as you notice, but here come the devious part. She pressured Puan Animah Ferrar then as Ketua Wanita Keadilan Selangor into giving way to her protégé, Puan Hanizah Talha, she killed the political career of Kapt (B)Hasmah in Wanita PKR Wilayah, she was snubbed by the Ketua Wanita Keadilan Gombak, Puan Maznah and the trophy of Ketua Wanita Keadilan Malaysia, landed on her lap. Gee, I am the Ketua Wanita PKR the whole of mother Malaysia and lets "WIRDAnize" the wanita wings. Truly it happened in the recent Wanita PKR Selangor meeting, the first "agenda" was the distribution of WIRDA membership forms to the top echelon of Ketua Wanita Bahagians. What the hell? PKR equal WIRDA or what?

The present time

MP Parliament has graced events and opens the so called JDM (Branches) of PKR in Ampang under the Parliament Banner. Well, hello, isn't party matters supposed to be handle by the local party arms called PKR Bahagian Ampang. The parliament team (of course the front face of WIRDA) keeps collecting members after members , without having local knowledge or refering to the Ampang Division. The Ampang Division requested for members list so that coordination of work can be done for new enlisted members. Until today , the Ampang Division do not know who PKR members in Ampang collected by the Parliament and the confusion arise when someone say he is a membr of PKR but the party arm do not have his name in thee database.So he become a member of PKR Parlimen Ampang. Confused as he may, he is not a member certified by the Ampang Division .He is in no man's land! When inquire further, he said that he has been acknowledge as a member of PKR by the Parliament team. The parliament team has gone into second gear by forming so called JDM (or branches) under the Parliament banner. So now that is so interesting. You cornered the members list and you form branches on your order, so the motive has been set. We want to take over Ampang Division lock.stock and barrel.
Now , the scarier part. All had been said about justice and truth will prevail by her. What we notice was she was one of the key figure in the panel of appointment for councillors in the local government (PBT) in Selangor as set by the MB of Selangor himself. What has happened today on the headlines of mainstream newspapers is the result of one PKR MP , who want to stamp her absolute authority .She delayed in submitting the possible candidates for the Ahli-Ahli Majlis , she ignores the opinion of "local knowledge" from the Bahagian Ampang ,so that she can pick and choose her cronies at her whim and fancies. On the other hand, MB of Selangor in one of those meeting with the 17 Ketua Bahagian PKR in Selangor at Istana Mestika on the night of 23rd June 2008, has been informed of the element of criminals "councillors" appointed by YB Zuraida and he promised to restructure the PKR side of the appointed councillors. Let me stress that the MB knew beforehand and yet nothing has been done after his promises. Are they in cohort or MB listen to much to YB Zuraida??? We will see what is the outcome of this fiasco but all I can say is YB Zuraida as a politician has chosen the wrong team and the wrong think tank behind her. She has a long way to redeem herself after this. She has two enemies she has to face now, one from within the party and one from outside the party

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